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In these tough times, we all have no choice but to explore trenchless  pipe lining work outside our comfort zone. This usually means diversifying into Sewer re-lining work of a slightly more specialist nature. Diversification could mean your current Cured in Place system may not be the most efficient at carrying out such work.

In this tough economy do you go out and spend hard capital cash on every CIPP Rehabilitation process going...The answer is NO way !!!...Does that mean you walk away from profitable rehab opportunities ..mmm...No need too!!...

How about an alternative approach...

Rent in our No-Dig Relining equipment, with or without operator, as and when the job demands....

At Pipe Liner  Rentals we stock equipment from a variety of Drain and Pipe Lining Manufacturers..This allows you to Try Before You Buy any one of our Cured in Place Sewer Lining Equipment or systems,or perhaps just rent it..make the maximum profit and send it back!!!.

Creative Rental and Financing Deals...

With our creative rental and financing deals we are able to offer you equipment for rent, sometimes even Free of Charge !.

Backed with staff with over 10 million feet of No-Dig Sewer and Lateral Lining experience, we are able to help you select the best system to suit your financial and technical needs. If there is a shortcoming and you need help.... we have the field experience on hand.....We don't perform???...Simple ..Send the equipment back.

That's Choice for You.. And you have nothing to lose !!!.
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n Packers and Control Units for Lateral Connection Lining (LCR or LCL) as well as Patch Lining
n Air Inversion Equipment for Lateral and Drain Relining
n Steam and Hot Air Generators for "Curing in Place"
n Air Inversion Equipment  for Mainline Sewer Pipes up to 30" diameter
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